Women in STEM Podcast Episode 18 – Melanie Stegman, Biochemist, Founder of Molecular Jig Games

melaniestegmanInterview with Melanie Stegman, Biochemistry PhD & Founder of Molecular Jig Games. Melanie Stegman, Ph.D., Founder and Creative Director of Molecular Jig Games is convinced that cellular biology is the greatest fantasy world ever and that biochemistry is an inherently fun puzzle. Molecular Jig makes games to teach the average human how cells work. Stegman earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, studying the regulation of gene expression that causes cancer and birth defects. As a post doctoral scientist at Weill Cornell, NYC, Stegman studied DNA repair in the human pathogen, Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Current projects are the development and evaluation of Immune Defense (www.MolecularJig.com/Immune-Defense-Game) and the development of the ScienceGameCenter.org where video games that teach science are reviewed by scientists, teachers, game developers and players.

Hosted by Sarah Worsham.

Music is Light Emotions by MIGmusic.

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