20 Intriguing Ladies of Math to Follow on Twitter #FF

mathladyScience, technology, engineering — nothing without math.  Math is the foundation on which all other STEM fields are built.  Here are some intriguing ladies in math to follow on Twitter (follow our list here)…

  1. Evelyn Lamb (@evelynjlamb) — Mathematician at @UUtah, writer, violist, singer, sewist, cook, native Texan (tragically displaced), completionist
  2. Ilana Horn (@tchmathculture) — teaching/math/culture Math teaching in urban schools, teacher collaboration & equity. Professor of math education. Unicorn Conservationist.
  3. Vi Hart (@vihartvihart) — Mathemusician
  4. Nalini Joshi (@monsoon0) — mathematician, wife, mother, Professor at the University of Sydney, addicted to math
  5. Ashli (@Mythagon) — Math Teacher. PCMI Alumna. NBCT. Geek. Ukulele Enthusiast. Podcaster at http://tangentspodcast.com
  6. Audrey McLaren (@a_mcsquared) — I teach high school math in online, live, virtual classrooms. Been a technology-junkie ever since they wheeled the first smartboard into my school.
  7. Kate Bellingham (@KateBellingham) — TV presenter, speaker, event host, Patron of WISE & STEM Ambassador. Maths / Physics teacher. Chair of Friends of Vivo D’Arte. Actor and Singer.
  8. Dr Tanya Morton (@tanyammorton) — Application Engineering Manager at MathWorks. My interests include: Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, @MATLAB, Education, Data, Robots and Cambridge.
  9. GEMDAS Lora Kermode (@AlgebraSuccess) — Teacherpreneur dedicated to eliminating math phobias & infusing positivity into classrooms nationwide. Teacher of the Year ~ 2005. (I’m also an identical twin!)
  10. Pam O’Brien (@pamelaaobrien) — Maths Lecturer in LIT Tipperary; Organiser of ICT in Education conference @ictedu; Mentor @CoderDojoLim & @CoderDojoNenagh; Facilitator of #ccGlobal
  11. Saramoira Shields (@mathematigal) — Doing a science, currently with: Cornell Submillimeter Astrophysics Group http://submm.astro.cornell.edu
  12. Julie Reulbach (@jreulbach) — 6th and 7th grade middle school math teacher. Mom of three amazing boys. Cheer coach. I just want students to love math.
  13. Maria Droujkova (@MariaDroujkova) — Make math your own, to make your own math!
  14. Lorri Carroll (@lcarroll94) — Acting Director of Lower School/ Math Teacher at Hamden Hall Country Day School. Hamden, CT #isedchat Moderator
  15. Angela Gail (@faroop) — Math liberation, power, dealing w shame http://bit.ly/libmath . My family is queer(me), trans(spouse) http://bit.ly/ftstblog & carfree http://bit.ly/cfwkblog
  16. Maria H. Andersen (@busynessgirl) — Futurist, speaker, author, learner, PhD, game & learning software designer, social media tour guide, eLearning enthusiast, math tech expert, and world traveler.
  17. Julianna Stockton (@DrJStockton) — Professor of Mathematics and General Awesomeness
  18. Sarah Kavassalis (@sc_k) — Permanent student of mathematics, physics, and sometimes, the philosophy of their intersection. Marfanoid. Cat mom to @FelisKlein.
  19. Carrie Diaz Eaton (@mathprofcarrie) — Prof of Math at environmental college, with interest in evolution, ecology, social systems modeling, cloud technology, and becoming a better teacher.
  20. Hilary Mason (@hmason) — Data Scientist in Residence at @accel. I ♥ data and cheeseburgers and @bitly.

Know a lady in math that we should be following?  Please leave their name and link in the comments below.