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  • Announcing the Google CS Engagement Small Awards Program

    Google has created the CS Engagement Small Grants Program to support educators teaching introductory computer science courses in reaching their engagement and retention goals. Unrestricted gifts of $5k will be given to selected applicants’ universities. All educators who are teaching CS1 and CS2 courses at the post-secondary level are encouraged to apply — applications will…

  • National Math + Science Initiative Boosts College Readiness for More Than 13,000 Students Nationwide

    Student enrollment in college-level math, science and English courses boosted by more than 50,000 in the 2013-2014 year due to the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI). NMSI, which is working in just 566 schools, also raised the number of Advanced Placement qualifying exam scores by more than 18,500 exams, representing 13,000 additional students who…

  • The Amoeba Sisters logo

    Learn Science: Photosynthesis – What is it & How does it work?

    It’s pretty commonly known that plants use photosynthesis to make food/energy, but do you know how it works? The Amoeba Sisters break down this complex issue into this fun video:

  • The Amoeba Sisters logo

    Learn Science: Plant Structure & Adaptations

    Plants are true survivors. The entertaining Amoeba Sisters explain plant structure and how plants adapt to survive in different environments, as well as three reactants important for photosynthesis and how plants obtain them.

  • photo of Alisa Harewood teaching the meaning of STEM

    Detroit Lions Help Launch STEM Programs in 2 Detroit Schools

    Detroit Lions, Athletes for Charity and Tata Technologies are partnering to launch a STEM program at 2 Detroit Public Schools. The program aims to improve learning outcomes and student interest in STEM, while also developing their skills in reading and writing, creating pathways to success in post-secondary education and 21st century careers. Two schools have…

  • primary school boy using tablet in classroom

    Students Think Tablets Make Learning Fun

    We all know that kids are hooked on technology — especially smartphones and tablets — but a recent survey conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of Pearson shows that 90% of the kids believe that tablets will change the way they learn in the future and 89% believe tablets will make learning more fun.…

  • ProjectCSGIRLS computer science competition photos

    Register for The Nation’s Biggest Computer Science Competition for Middle School Girls

    It’s one thing to have a computer science contest for middle school girls — it’s quite another to have that contest be run by high school and college girls who are incredibly passionate about computer science. 2015 ProjectCSGIRLS does just that, not only giving middle school girls the confidence they need to know that they…

  • Three kids on the computer in the school library

    Spark Students’ STEM Interests with Verizon’s 3rd Annual Innovative App Challenge

    One of the best ways to get kids interested in STEM fields is to include them in hands-on activities that let them get a real feel for the creative processes that go into STEM problem solving. The Verizon Innovative App Challenge is calling teams of middle school and high school students to dream up and…

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    Webucator Launches Program to Provide Free Technology Training to High School Students

    While most of us might agree that kids today are more comfortable with technology, that doesn’t mean they know how to leverage it or use it for professional or business reasons.  Webucator, a national training company, is providing free technology training to high school students. Included are a wide range of self-paced courses including web…

  • Woman getting a brain freeze from ice cream

    Learn Science: Why Do We Get Brain Freezes?

    Ever wonder why you sometimes get a headache, or “brain freeze” after eating ice cream or other cold foods? Maddie Moate reveals the science behind brain freezes: