27 Captivating Ladies in Tech to Follow on Twitter #FF

techladyTechnology has infused our daily life with so many conveniences that we don’t even realize how much is changed in as little as 5 years. Technology is moving fast, and these women are right in the middle of innovation, creation and transformation — captivating to follow them on Twitter (follow our full list of Lady Technology Paragons here)…

  1. Katie Miller (@codemiller) — OpenShift Developer Advocate. Functional programmer. Co-Founder of @lambdaladies. Opinions my own; free to share.
  2. Sasha Laundy (@SashaLaundy) — Developer & data enthusiast. Formerly worked at @codecademy, @twilio; @hackerschool alum. Founded @WomenWhoCode. I like science, Python, and bacon.
  3. Vishakha Radia (@vradia) — Senior Director, Collab Video Mobility Practice, Cisco Consulting Services, Love Family, Food and Wine and UMich
  4. Amy Quispe (@amyquispe) — Developer Relations for @Google Mobile Ads SDK. Previously: Computer Science @CarnegieMellon with a concentration in human-human interaction. New Yorker.
  5. Deborah B Jackson (@dbdj1007) — Founder/CEO –PlumAlley.co the site where women entrepreneurs can seek funding, advice from experts and sell their products. Founder-WIM Accelerator
  6. Kimberly Bryant (@6Gems) — Founder @BlackGirlsCode~Biotech Engineer~Social Entreprenuer
    Find me here: http://about.me/kimberlybryant https://www.vizify.com/kimberlybryant
  7. Arikia Millikan (@arikia) — Founder of @LadyBits. Nomad. Bird nerd. What are you doing with that cake if you’re not going to eat it? Fear is the mind-killer.
  8. Reshma Saujani (@reshmasaujani) — Founder and CEO of @GirlsWhoCode. Author of #WomenWhoDontWaitInLine. Former NYC Deputy Public Advocate under Bill de Blasio. Mother of @stanleythepuppy
  9. Gail Carmichael (@gailcarmichael) — Computer scientist, educator, blogger. Instructor and PhD-student-on-leave researching nonlinear storytelling in games at Carleton University.
  10. Kelly Sommers (@kellabyte) — DataStax MVP for Apache Cassandra and Windows Azure MVP, Mobile dev maven, backend brat, big data and distributed diva, Relentless learner. I void warranties.
  11. Roxanne Varza (@roxannevarza) — startup lead @microsoft @bizsparkfr. cofounder of @tech_eu @girlsintech_uk @gitparis & @failcon paris. former techcrunch france editor @TCFR. epilepsy advocate.
  12. Erika Carlson (@eacarlson) — Software developer @DetroitLabs. Co-founder @GDIdet. Instructor @GrandCircusCo & @kidpreneurco. Other projects: @selfconference. Happiness enthusiast.
  13. April Reeve (@Datagrrl) — #Data Mgmt – #DataIntegration, #BigData, Data Architecture, #DataGovernance & #DataQuality, #MDM, #BI/#DW, data, books … I wrote Managing Data in Motion
  14. Heather Payne (@heatherpayne) — Founder of @thisishackeryou & @llcodedotcom. Early investor in @shoplocket. Super passionate about education. Find out more here: http://heatherpayne.ca/official-bio
  15. Vanessa Hurst (@DBNess) — coder, girl scout, teacher. ceo @codemontage. maker @devsforgood & @writespeakcode. co-founded @girldevelopit. ♥ open tech, data, & gratitude.
  16. Lynn Root (@roguelynn) — @Spotify engineer, @ThePSF board member, DSF member. @PyLadiesSF founder. VM breaker, insomniac, socializer. Thoughts are my own.
  17. Tracy Chou (@triketora) — @pinterest engineer. previously of @quora, @stanford, (summers at) $fuel, $fb, $goog. @wef @globalshapers. i turn coffee into code. i like yoga and running.
  18. Sara Haider (@pandemona) — android engineer at @twitter, @vineapp. @uwaterloo alum. @49ers fan. slice fruit, avoid bombs.
  19. Belinda Parmar (@belindaparmar) — Author of Little Miss Geek,Professor,Campaigner, Founder of @ladygeek- campaigning to inspire girls to change the world through technology
  20. Lien (@lientm) — Mobile Engineer at Twitter, aspiring fashionista, and Oakland A’s fan
  21. Nelly Yusupova (@DigitalWoman) — CTO of @Webgrrls, Speaker, Entrepreneur. I teach TechSpeak & Social Media bootcamps and tweet about #Tech #Entrepreneurship #Startups #Lean #Agile #SocialMedia
  22. Jeanne Holm (@JeanneHolm) — Evangelist, http://Data.gov ; Chief Knowledge Architect at NASA/JPL; UCLA Teacher and Alum
  23. Laura (@CodeBoom) — Head of Computer Science, CAS Master Teacher, Chair of @casinclude, ex web-dev and crazy cat lady.
  24. Brenda Romero (@br) — Game Designer / CEO. Loot Drop & UC Santa Cruz. Game industry since 1981: Wizardry, Ghost Recon Commander, Jagged Alliance, Train, Dungeons & Dragons & more.
  25. Laura Weidman Powers (@laurawp) — Co-Founder, Executive Director of @CODE2040. I like food, startups, yoga, and doing good. I am terrible at gardening. New Yorker in California.
  26. Gabriella Coleman (@BiellaColeman) — Prof at McGill and author of Coding Freedom: the Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking http://codingfreedom.com / Views kinda my own, since ideas are, at root, social.
  27. Suzanne Fallender (@sfallender) — Director, Global Girls & Women Initiative at Intel. Tweets re: empowering #girls & #women through education & technology, #CSR, #sustainability, #sharedvalue

Know a lady in technology that we should be following?  Please leave their name and link in the comments below.

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