Tynker to Teach Kids to Code

PrintKids are creative and they love technology.  Seeing what my daughter can do with Legos and Minecraft proves that Kids love to build. Coding is another way to build, and if it’s simplified and made fun, kids can, not only do it, but also enjoy it.

Tynker is a browser-based program to help kids understand the logic behind computer programming.  It works by giving them a syntax driven system of building blocks that they can use to create games, stories, animations and other creations.

The Maker Mom has a good review of Tynker and a chance to win a version.

As a computer engineer, I think computer science education is missing from our schools.  Many assume that because kids can use technology, they somehow know how to understand, leverage and build with technology. As computers become more and more a part of our everyday lives, we need more people with the training to make technology work for us.  Even if people are in fields outside of computer science, learning to think programmatically can help anyone solve problems more efficiently. I’d like to see more of these types of programs be accessible as part of public education funding.

Do you have a favorite way to teach kids to code?


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