Some Interesting Lady Engineers to Follow on Twitter #FF

engineeringladyWe’ve been trying to follow as many ladies in STEM fields as we can, creating Twitter lists by field. One of the most amazing experiences of the past couple of weeks, was watching live tweets of ladies who were involved with the launch of NASA’s Maven project to Mars. Following women in STEM careers is a great way to get an idea of what types of things they work on day-to-day, as well as a way to build connections and learn. You can follow us @LadyParagons, and see all our Twitter lists.

  • Roma Agrawal (@RomaTheEngineer) — Award winning Structural Engineer (on the Shard) featured on C4, BBC etc. Passionate about Design, Physics, Public speaking & Inspiring the next generation.
  • Dr. Sengupta (@Doctor_Astro) — Landed Curiosity on Mars & developing an atomic physics experiment for Space Station. @NASA_JPL Engineer & teaching @USC.
  • Diana AlbarranChicas (@DAlbarranChicas) — #Latina MIT engineer building satellites. Passionate about encouraging and empowering Latinos in #STEM. Co-Founder: Empower Educational Svcs and @LatinasinSTEM.
  • Ellie Cosgrave (@elliecosgrave) — Engineer, Liveable Cities, RA at University College London @Science_Grrl Schools Coordinator.
  • Ingrid AvendaƱo (@ingridavendano) — Software engineering fellow at @Hackbright, electrical engineer, artist, maker, former @Jawbone and @Intel intern.
  • Rebecca Broadbent (@STEM_Becky) — MEng(Hons) MIET AMIMechE, Freelance STEM communicator, consultant and tutor. Engineering education PhD student at Aston. STEM Ambassador, IET SLO Shropshire
  • Colleen Layman (@waterwitch89) — Water Witch-Engineer by day; Society of Women Engineers Director of Regions; Avid Scuba Diver and Travel Junkie
  • Sarah Milkovich (@milkysa) — MRO HiRISE investigation scientist + 2020 Mars Rover science systems engineer. Previously on Curiosity, Cassini, Mars Phoenix operations. Opinions are my own.
  • Kimberly Bryant (@6Gems) — Founder @BlackGirlsCode~Biotech Engineer~Social Entreprenuer
  • Jan Chong (@lessachu) — Engineering manager @twitter for Android. ex-@onLive. I love video games, puzzles & puppycorns.
  • Nicole Stott (@Astro_Nicole) — Mom to my home crew. NASA Astronaut STS-128, ISS Expeditions 20/21, STS-129, STS-133. Aquanaut NEEMO 9.
  • Cheryl Moeller (@cjmoeller) — Executive Director of High Tech Kids, Electrical engineer also tweeting @STEMAHead, @HighTechKids1, and @EduTechMN Tweets are my own
  • Leslie (@i_Leslie) — MOM, NASA engineer, CapCom, creative type, and just trying to keep sane in a world that is doing its thing at light speed!
  • Susan N. Freeman (@GodspeedDiscvry) — Engineer building the International Space Station at JSC, Artist, Graphic Designer, deck/cabinet builder… oh, and I used to play pro women’s tackle football.
  • Dr Lucy Rogers (@drlucyrogers) — Fellow of IMechE & Royal Astronomical Society. Author. Maker. Spacetweep. SingularityU. Positively affecting the lives of a billion people
  • Laura McLay (@lauramclay) — Professor of operations research in ISyE dept at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Punk Rock OR blogger, mother of 3, aspiring Jedi
  • Stacey Clifford (@StaceyMouse) — Civil Engineer by day, comms co-ordinator @ewbuk by night. Interested in engineering/construction 4 intl development, STEM outreach/training & all things webby
  • Leshell Hatley (@Leshell) — Engineer, STEM Educator, Researcher, Entrepreneur. Wanna-be Poet. Founder of @upliftdc, which powers @youthapplab @roboticsindc @mylesandayesha @blackscholars
  • Elaine Zundl (@ElaineZundl) — Feminist, researcher, and activist. Dean of The Douglass Project for Rutgers Women in Math, Science, and Engineering
  • Leah Busque (@labusque) — Engineer turned entrepreneur, Boston native turned SF transplant. Founder, – A community of people joining together to get things done.
  • Deb Chachra (@debcha) — Engineering professor. Music, design, technology, nature, language, food, intersections thereof. #dailyidioms Also, cats. All enthusiasm is 100% genuine.
  • AstronautWoman (@AstronautWoman) — NASA KSC Shuttle/Ares 1-X/Expendables Fluids & Quality Engineer, ERAU Alumni & SWE Member, also love photography, flying airplanes & traveling the world!
  • Holly Griffith (@absolutspacegrl) — Former Space Shuttle EGIL & ISS OSO Mission Control worker bee. Mechanical engineer. Geek. Star Wars Fangirl. Skeptic. SXSW & SWVI 2012 speaker.
  • Erika Vick (@egvick) — Former Space Shuttle engineer. My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

Know of a lady engineer we should be following? Please share in the comments!

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